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First Heartland Blog

FHT&T 2018: Register Now!

Registration is now open for this year's First Heartland Technology & Training! We're hard at work on an agenda based on your input, which means sessions customized for you, more of what you want to learn, and even more fun nighttime activities. Keep reading for a list of topics that will be on the agenda.  

Resources from the Bonus Study Group: Top Living Benefits Products of 2017

Check out the recording from the bonus study group call where Stoyan and Steve review the Top Products of 2017. This call will focus on the top product and carriers used for living benefits.

Meet FHC's Newest Employee: Debbie Carter

Have you gotten a chance to meet or talk to the newest member of the FHC family?  If you haven't had this opportunity to talk with Debbie Carter or want to get to know her a little better, keep reading!  We're so happy to have her!  Please join us in welcoming her to our family.

Offer Your Clients the Latest Apple Watch 3 with John Hancock's Vitality Program

There has never been a way to get a discount on an Apple Watch... until now!  Tony shares the latest changes with the Vitality program that makes it easier for you to offer your clients an Apple Watch at a huge discount.  Don't miss out on the opportunity to have your clients reminded of you every day as they use their newest piece of technology.

Reaching Year End Goals

Every year we each make goals for ourselves to reach year end numbers.  Find out how to avoid delays and get business in before the end of the year in this month's article by Rachel Liscombe.

How to Find Your CE Transcript and Get Renewal Ready!

Is it getting close to license renewal time and you are not sure how many continuing education credits you have or need?  If you're looking for the best way to find your CE transcript, online is the way to go!  Check out this article from Gabby this month to find out how.

Security Implications of Home Automation

Home automation is gaining popularity and is an exciting concept.  There are many different devices and they are all mini computers which means they could be compromised.  Luckily there are some steps you can take to make them as safe as possible.  Check out Brandon's article this month to find out how!

December Tech Talk: Stop the Scheduling Madness

The back and forth on availability when trying to schedule a meeting with someone can not only be difficult, it can get aggravating. That is the last thing you want to do with a client. Thankfully, there are now better ways to handle this. Brandon examines a couple different offerings and weighs out the differences so you can choose the best solution for your business.

Meet the New PremierCare

Pacific Life has revised their asset based long term care product, PremierCare and they are both here!  These new revisions, PremierCare Choice 100 and PremierCare Choice MAX will offer your clients more flexibility with asset based LTC sales.  Check them both out today!

How Do You Handle the "What If's"?

Many of you sell insurance, so this is an easy concept for you. What if when you came into the office tomorrow, your PC wouldn’t turn on at all? How would you function? Brandon Hall covers some concepts to help you have answers to these questions at the ready.