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Stoyan's Blog

Big Changes in Store for Chronic Illness Benefits

Find out which carriers revised their chronic illness benefits and how that can benefit your clients. As products continue to enhance their benefits we will work to keep you informed as to how these changes can help.

FHC Welcomes Cincinnati Life

FHC would like to welcome Cincinnati Life Insurance Company to our solid lineup of life insurance and fixed annuity carriers. Producers who work with FHC have access to a broad portfolio of competitive products that complement and expand the complete suite of risk management solutions we already offer.

A Turbo-Charged FIA Alternative That Doesn't go Through the Grid

Looking for a turbo-charged FIA that doesn't go through the grid? We have the answer for you! Here's some more information from Stoyan about the product and which clients might be a good fit. Call the FHC Marketing Team to find out how to take advantage of this opportunity.

Help Your Clients Reach Life’s Potential

Like 80 million Americans, your clients probably need more life insurance. And even though they may have traditional investments, they may also have money on the sidelines that could be working hard to help them meet their goals.

Case Study: Loan Rescue Strategy

Do you have any clients with heavily loaned-out permanent life polices sold over ten years ago, without overloan protection riders? Check out this loan rescue strategy and case study Stoyan is sharing. He explains the opportunity, which carriers in the market, and what an actual case looks like. 

How good is Pacific Life PDX?

We mentioned in the last month’s newsletter that Pacific Life rolled out their new IUL product designed primarily for
max-funded scenarios. Now that we have had a few days to digest it and run comparisons, the verdict is in: Pacific
Life is BACK!

Success Story: Diligence and integrity mean avoiding an upset client down the road

Once in a while a story goes around the office that is just too good not to share with you! We are proud of the integrity, talent and attentiveness of the members of the FHC team, as well as the carriers that we work with daily - so we have to brag on them once in awhile! Here's one such success story.

Pension Max Designs That Work

You know the drill – a client calls and asks you to help him/her determine the best payout to pick for their defined benefit plan at work. They want to get the maximum but also take care of their spouse, if something were to happen to them. Stoyan explains the possible solutions.

To Par or not to Par?

With the proliferation of Index UL products in the industry, one of the most popular life insurance strategies is the overfunded life insurance sale. Whether it is a LIRP, SERP, executive bonus, premium financing, or others, all involve paying the maximum non-MEC premiums then taking money out of the policy via withdrawals or loans at some point.

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