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5 Apps, $500 Bonus: Let's Talk about Standard DI.

Have you written Disability Income insurance in the past? Have you been meaning to start integrating this valuable tool into your practice? Now is the time!

FHC is so excited about our new DI partner, The Standard, that we will be paying agents an additional 100 dollars for each client that purchases a DI Policy from The Standard.*

FHC will pay this bonus up to 5 lives. Once an advisor writes 5 lives with Standard in a single year, the advisor’s clients will qualify for a 10% discount. Once the 5th policy is written, the prior four customers will receive the discount on their next billing cycle.  

You may be asking, why choose Standard? Here are a few things to consider:
  • Compassionate Care Benefit – Collect up to 6 times your monthly benefit if you must take off work to take care of a spouse, parent or child with a serious medical condition.
  • Unlimited Coverage for Mental Disorder and Substance Abuse
  • Specialty Own Occupation for all policies
  • Tele App Available
  • Simplified Underwriting Available with Tele App (Waiver of Lab Tests and Income Documentation)
    • Ages 18-45: Up to $6,000 of monthly benefit
    • Ages 46-50: Up to $3,000 of monthly benefit
  • Strong Agent Compensation: “Normal” Payout of 65% in year 1 with 5% renewals
The time to write DI is now! Let’s seize the day and start illustrating some cases. For more information, contact Bob Maruska at 800-444-7244 x1226

* (To qualify, the case must have a paid date before 6/1/2016)



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