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Advantages of Electronic Applications

Sarah Molitor
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Insurance applications can be confusing and complicated. Forms can vary by carrier, state and product. If you miss a question, your application could be delayed weeks. Incomplete and illegible insurance forms cause a lot of unnecessary back-and-forth between carriers, distributors and agents. This leads to lost sales for all. Selling this important part of a client’s financial future isn’t always easy but it can be with E-APPS.

Why use E-Apps and Drop Tickets?

The Benefits of E-Apps.

  • Forms are completed using an easy to follow wizard
  • Indicates to producers those fields required for applications to be received “in Good order”
  • 100% in good order applications
  • Simplified and accelerated processing
  • Reduces cycle time and increases placement ratio
  • Smart “reflexive” tool recognizes and auto loads all required forms based on applications responses

Sales go up, frustrations go down.
E-APPS make it easier by highlighting required fields in yellow. As you complete the e-application, sections of the form are shown or purposely hidden based on your clients answers. Carrier-specific rules are embedded within the forms preventing data entry mistakes that could cost you valuable time.

E-APPS lets you jump to any section of the form you want-so if your client doesn’t know their driver’s license number or can’t remember a doctor’s address – you can save your client data and come back several days later to pick up where you left off. Speed up the sales cycle by using E-SIGNATURE and e-Submission.

Drop Tickets Simplify the Sales Process.
DROP TICKET simplifies the application process. Agents are guided through a short series of screens that collects all the vital information in minutes. This means the agent is free to sell more and get paid faster. Carriers spend less time processing.

Close sales quicker.
With DROP TICKETS, agents send the ticket and the accompanying data straight to the carrier’s call center system. The agent concentrates on selling more and the call center takes care of the behind-the-scenes processing. This means more commissions for agents, better efficiently at call centers and higher placement ratios at the carriers.


  • Simplifies application processing of high quality, low-cost term insurance
  • Reduces cycle time by 10-14 days
  • Increases placement ratios by 7%
  • Allows call centers to tele-underwrite and complete detailed information gathering, freeing the agent to sell more and get paid fast

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