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Does your Long Term Care training satisfy the state requirements?

Gabby Lane
Licensing & Contracting

Are you planning to solicit new Long Term Care (LTC) business and not quite sure if your Long Term Care training is up to date or if you even need the training at all? The requirements and review period for the LTC training vary from state to state and sometimes have different regulations for non-resident producers.

First Heartland’s licensing team has been doing some investigating on which states require this training and what those specific requirements are for residents and non-residents. We can try to help you figure out what you will need for your state, but it is always a good idea to check with the state’s Department of Insurance as well.

A lot of states (such as Alaska, Illinois, and Kansas) require that you take a Long Term Care refresher every license period. So if you’re planning to take a Long Term Care refresher course and you are a resident of one of those states, you should probably take it right after you renew your license. This is the most time and cost effective way to ensure that your training will be accepted. For non-residents, some of those same states (such as Illinois) will only require that you have LTC as a line of authority on your license for that state and have satisfied the long-term care training in your home state or another state with an LTC partnership.

Other states (such as Alabama, Massachusetts, and Missouri) only require that you complete your refresher course every 2 years- ongoing, based on the date you took your 8 hour initial course.

If you have a specific state (resident or non-resident) that you are wondering about, you can go to and select the state in question. Just click on one of the product line links and the review the State Compliance Requirements. It will tell you resident requirements at the top under “LTC.” Non-Resident Requirements have their own section towards the bottom.

For any additional questions or to find out if your completed course meets the state requirement, First Heartland suggests calling the State Department of Insurance for the state in question. They are very well versed in the requirements their state require for residents and non-residents.

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