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How to Find Your CE Transcript and Get Renewal Ready!

Gabby Lane
Licensing & Contracting

Is it getting close to license renewal time again and you’re not sure how many Continuing Education (CE) credits you have or need? If you’re looking for the best way to find your CE transcript, online is the way to go! The First Heartland Licensing Team finds that the website State Based Systems is an excellent source for information on CE requirements. Does that name sound familiar? If you use the link “Get My CE Requirements” from the NIPR website, this takes you to a page where you select the state from a map and it directs you to the State Based Systems website to pull your transcript, so you’ve probably used it a few times before and didn’t know it!

What we like about this website is that it allows you to review the progress you’ve made and check for required credits. It also allows you to view and print your CE education transcript for your records. When pulling up the transcript through NIPR-State Based Systems, you need to have 4 key pieces of information: jurisdiction (state), your last name, license number or national producer number, and the last four digits of your social security number.

Once you successfully locate your Education Transcript, there are three important fields on the screen: CE Compliant?, Date Compliance Met, and Credits Needed for Renewal.. These fields will tell you if you are currently compliant, the date your CE’s went through in the system, and specifically how many and what type of credits you will need to take before applying for renewal. (General, Ethics, Etc.) Usually, if no credits are required, it will display: “No CE Requirement for This Cycle”.

Be stress free by being renewal ready! You will want to make sure to complete all required CE courses at least 1 week before the license renewal deadline. Enroll in your CE course(s) with enough time to comfortably complete the required material and submit your license renewal. Although it can be tempting to try to rush the study time, you want to make sure you’re compliant so that you’re able to renew on time. Most states charge nearly double the normal renewal fees PLUS certain applicable retaliatory fees if you renew your license late. So when it comes to CE credits, the early bird gets the worm! And in this case, the worm is keeping your money where it belongs- in your pocket.

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