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How one advisor made $50K in 3 months

Matt Evans
SVP of Business

You often hear such headlines and think what I do: What a bunch of crap. What are they selling?

The answer is nothing. This advisor accomplished this in his own book of business and simply did one thing over and over at every client meeting. He reviewed the clients life insurance with the policy review kit.

He found a few things to be of interest:

  1. The clients were more than willing to give him the information he needed. He often felt this was a barrier.
  2. Clients had life insurance elsewhere that he didn’t know about. This only opens the door to more competition.
  3. He was afraid the underwriting process would be a hassle. In the end, if you prepare the client for the process (we will help you with this), the client is prepared for the time it takes.

Not addressing your clients' life insurance needs could end up costing you $50K.

Click here for the 4 step process to completing a policy review. If you would like to schedule a call to discuss please contact Steve Schreiber at 636.695.2824 or

matt evans | sVP OF business development  636.695.2815   matt@FIRSTHEARTLAND.COM

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