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Information regarding the recent Equifax breach

Brandon Hall
Director of Technology

I’ve been getting some requests for information regarding the massive Equifax breach and I want to get this information to all of you and your clients quickly. For those of you who haven’t heard, Equifax suffered a breach of client data affecting roughly 143 million people’s information, possibly more. There is continuing news regarding the findings and I want to get some valuable and helpful information in your hands for when your clients ask.

Your clients will want to setup for credit monitoring at minimum or identity theft protection if they can such as first, and then to stop new lines of credit from getting opened, freeze all 4 major credit bureaus. Equifax is providing credit monitoring for free if you sign up before November 21st. The site (which may be overwhelmed) they created to deal with the intrusion is can be used to sign up for the credit monitoring they are providing.

It’s safer to freeze your credit but more cumbersome to work with if you are going to open new lines of credit, and there is a cost. How it works is you will contact all 4 bureaus and place a freeze, which means they will not release your information to anyone until you put a temporary release in place. You will not be able to open a new line of credit, get a credit card, a loan, etc. without releasing the freeze first. The temporary freeze release can be done for $5 to $10 depending on the bureau and can be setup to be a certain length of time, you need only call them and have it released. When you set it up you’ll setup a PIN number, save this number as it’s required to release a freeze in the future.

Freeze information for the four common credit bureaus:
Trans Union

More information on credit freezes:

An article from a respected identity theft protection company:

This guy has good content, but from a security person:

Info on potential phshing scams related to the data breach: 

I hope this proves helpful.


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