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Move that case along with the Attending Physician Statement

Jennifer Bagby
Case Manager

There is always one case that just seems to sit and sit and sit – ALL because medical records were needed from your client’s physician. A quick solution to help keep the case moving along, after you receive communication from the case manager at First Heartland, is contact the insured.

This gives you the opportunity to give the insured an update as to where the case is at and to see if they would be willing to call the physician to expressing the urgency for moving their request for medical records along and why.

Please know First Heartland would not be the requesting company contacting the physician’s office, but our vendor. We currently use EIS (Express Imaging System).

By asking the insured to call the Physician/Facility being requested, we have found this helps tremendously to keep cases moving smoothly rather than the bumps for the delay of weeks on end.


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