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New Business Takeaways from FHT&T 2017

Julie Baalman
Vice President of 
Case Management


Thank you for those who attended the FHT&T meeting in June! I think we had an excellent turnout. We had great staff and field participation and I hope everyone was able to take many valuable tips home with them.

If you were not unable to attend, some of the items covered from the life side were:

When in doubt always double check with Christy Gass or Gabby Lane to confirm you are licensed/appointed and ready to go with a formal submission. We don’t want you to have to redo paperwork because of licensing. A two minute call can eliminate hours of time to take all new current dated forms.

Don’t forget to go the FHC site to obtain your life applications or to find the link for the e-application. Always send ALL pages of the forms. Should there be a 3 page form and you only complete information on one page – ALL pages have to be returned.

Every application will ask if you are replacing, this MUST be answered and if you are replacing you have to complete a replacement form. If a policy is to lapse soon or has lapsed recently, you are to complete a replacement form. If you are in an NAIC Replacement State and you have coverage inforce, you must complete the replacement form even if you are not replacing. The replacement form has to be dated on or before your application date. It cannot be dated after the application date.

Do not send a picture of a form, carriers will not accept this format and they are often too dark to even read once converted to a PDF. Carriers will not accept JPEG attachments.

Please always send all pages of an illustration with every application.

Don’t forget to upload to Treeno. This is a safe way to submit your business to FHC. Please send a separate email to Julie that you did upload your case or requirements to avoid possible delay.

With immediate updating you can follow your case throughout underwriting by using InStat. This is a seamless link on the FHC Site to view a list of all your pending cases.

APS Orders
We use a vendor to order our records. Your client is always welcome to call the doctor and see if they can encourage the doctor’s office to send the records sooner rather than later. This can be a major slowdown in the underwriting process.

Don’t forget the FHC PRE. If you submit a life case, be sure to always submit the last two pages of the PRE. This is the authorization we require to have our underwriters review the file if the offer is not favorable. Without this form, we are at a standstill until it arrives.

Cover Letter
Cover letters are always a help. This does not have to be a fancy letter, just something to outline the purpose of coverage, any medical history to include doctor names, address, phone for contact, date of last visit and why would be helpful. Use the cover letter to list any specialist the client may have seen and note if the case is part of a group that is already being worked at FHC. We like to keep group cases together.

Helpful Hints
If you send delivery requirements direct to the carrier, please upload a copy to treeno for our files. If you have ordered the medicals for your clients case, please have the examiner fax a copy to us at 636-695-2847. When an application asks for coverage inforce, it is wanting ALL coverage inforce…not just what is being replaced with that application.

This is just a quick summary of a few of the items we covered. If you did not attend, please consider making a visit for a future meeting. We would love to see you!

Julie Baalman | ViCe President of Case Management   636.695.2804   jbaalman@FIRSTHEARTLAND.COM

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