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October 2017 Heartland Highlights


It's time for another packed issue of Heartland Highlights! This month, we're getting creative and looking beyond the spreadsheet, looking at the moving parts of asset-based policies, getting that case moving along, and much more. Keep reading for some excellent October ideas! 

Offering Creative Solutions in a Commoditized World
Steve Schreiber, Assistant VP of Advanced Design

A spreadsheet doesn't tell the entire story and there might still be better solutions that fit with a particular client. Read more...

We hate passwords, too. Here's what we do. 
Brandon Hall, Chief Information Officer
Brandon introduces a utility that will store your passwords in an encrypted file and sync them between your different devices. Read more...
The Trade-Offs of Asset-Based Products
Bob Maruska, LTC & DI Specialist
Do you know the differences in the four Asset-Based Long Term Care products offered by FHC? Here are some things to consider. Read more...
Online Access to your Pending Cases & Carrier Appointments
Sarah Molitor, Training & Communications Specialist
You have the ability to viewing your pending cases and carrier appointments instantly through InStat, our agency management system. Read more... First Time Login and User ID Communication
Caryn Hembrock, Brokerage Services & Transfers Specialist will now send an email to the client that will walk them through how to log onto the website for the first time. Read more...
Move that Case Along with the Attending Physician Statement
Jennifer Bagby, Case Manager
A quick solution to help keep the case moving along, after you receive communication from the case manager at FHC. Read more...
Does your Long Term Care Training Meet State Requirements?
Gabby Lane, Licensing & Contracting Specialist
The requirements and review period for the LTC training vary from state to state and may have different regulations for non-residents. Read more...
What's coming in October from Real Wealth
Hear about a toolbox full of ideas you can use to differentiate yourself and grow your business. Then on the podcast, Tim Kiesling shares some basic social security guidelines for clients nearing retirement. Read more...
Upcoming Webinars: October 2017
Here is a roundup of upcoming webinars - including our own FHC webinars as well as webinars put on by carriers. Topics range from marketing, training and operations to products and sales. Read more...
September Production Standings
Check in each month to find out where you stand in the monthly ranking as well as if you are qualified or on track to qualify for the 2018 Leaders Conference in California.  Read more...
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