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Offer Your Clients the Latest Apple Watch 3 with John Hancock's Vitality Program

Tony Neiswander
Case Design Specialist

There has never been a way to get a discount on an Apple Watch…..until now. I know we have talked about Vitality in the past, but John Hancock just recently dropped the required face amount needed to get a discount on an Apple Watch. Previously the minimum face amount was $1,000,000, but now any face amount on their term will allow for the client to receive an Apple Watch for only $25. This discount is the one and only way to get a brand new Apple Watch for next to nothing. On top of the discount on that you will also receive discounts on premiums based upon your activity.

Basically when looking at the products there are four levels of activity that you can achieve. Bronze is the very basic, followed by Silver, Gold, and finally Platinum. What happens is, you can move up the ranking by earning points. Points are earned by increasing your activity level and monitoring your health. It all begins on day 1 when you are provided a free Fit Bit or a heavily discounted Apple Watch. This will track the amount of activity such as steps you take in a day and allow for your points to accumulate. Examples of activities that further increase your points are having a general health review each year, light to advanced workouts, participation in athletic events such as triathlons or marathons, having a BMI check, getting a flu shot, visiting the dentist, and even taking nutrition classes. Those are only some of the many opportunities that allow you to earn points while taking care of your mind and body.

Now not only does your level allow for lesser premiums, but it also allows you to redeem your points for discounts on other items. There are numerous gift cards available, discounts on hotel stays and cruises, and even discounts on outdoor gear.

John Hancock and Vitality are offering an incredible opportunity to earn free stuff and save money by partnering. You can earn rewards for simply doing things you may have already been doing or it might just help you to adjust your mindset in order to help you remember to take better care of yourself in order to live a long and healthy life.


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