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Resources from FHT&T 2017

We had a great time at FHT&T this year! If you attended, we hope you learned a lot and had some fun, too. We wanted to make sure you were able to revisit the wealth of information that was shared at the meeting, and that those who weren't able to attend could still get some value out of content that was prepared.

Click the links below for the presentations and handouts from FHT&T 2017. If the document opens in your browser, you can right click and select "Save As" to save it to your computer. Enjoy and we hope to see you next year! 



How to Add Value at Your Practice | Matt Evans
Keeping up with the Changing Tech Security Landscape | Brandon Hall
Idea Sharing Workshop: The Winning Idea | Wendy Quas, Barrios Financial
NetX360 Tips and Tricks | Abby Clayton
Technology Audit | Brandon Hall & Zeonia Christy
Interacting with Senior Investors | Zeonia Christy
Product Principles: LTC, DI and Fixed Annuities | Jennifer Bagby & Pat Douglas
Frequently Asked Technology Questions | Brandon Hall
Game Time: Compliance vs. Securities



Navigating Public Communications & Compliance | Susan Pohlman & Adam Wolff
Procedures to know: Power of Attorney and Trusts | Jeanne Jehle
Getting to Know Albridge 2.0 | Steve Schreiber
Streamlined Licensing and Appointments | Christy Gass
New Business Briefing | Julie Baalman
Procedures to know: BD to RIA Platform Change | Abby Clayton
Advisory Processing and the DOL | Wendy McCollom & Cindy Grauel
How to Get Your Forms in Good Order | Linda Kertz
Streamline your process with iGo Applications | Steve Schreiber
Mining for hidden opportunities in Albridge | Steve Schreiber
Expedite the Application Process with iPipeline | Steve Schreiber
Facebook 101 | Amanda Darr
LinkedIn 101 | Amanda Darr
Branding Brainstorm | Branding Resources | Amanda Darr
Easy E-mail Marketing | Amanda Darr
Password Management Principles | Brandon Hall
Dealing with Data | Brandon Hall


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