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A simple DI Sales Idea: Are you insuring your retirement plan?

Bob Maruska

Are you insuring your clients contributions to their 401-K plan and pension plans? This is the insurance plan that will complete their retirement planning. This is the most overlooked insurance product available. It should be a mandatory item to discuss with any client under the age of 55.

The product I'm highlighting  is called the Retirement Security Plan and it is offered by Principal Financial. It will make your contributions to your 401-K plan, Pension Plan or Roth IRA account. When a spouse of the insured sees this plan, he or she will request a quote to assist you in selling the plan, because the other spouse knows the importance of completing his or her retirement planning. We have seen it happen in a client meetings.

This plan will guarantee your client's retirement income and lifestyle in the event that they ecounter any surprises or changes in health. It is a Disability plan issued by Principal as a separate policy or as a rider on a Disability policy. It can be sold separately without a disability sale.

The premiums are very reasonable and the this plan will separate you from your competition. Click the links below for PDF files that explain the product and a sample illustration.

This product is a great way to open the conversation/ appointment. Please feel free to contact to FHC – Marketing to discuss in more detail.

Bob maruska  |  ltc & di specialist    636.695.2826    bmaruska@FIRSTHEARTLAND.COM


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