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A Turbo-Charged FIA Alternative That Doesn't go Through the Grid

Stoyan Petev
Senior VP of
Advanced Designs

Looking for a turbo-charged FIA alternative that doesn't go through the grid?

We have the answer for you! 

Here's some more information about the product. 

Product Details: 

  • Issue Ages 50-80
  • 10% Premium Bonus Paid in increments of 2% years 5-9
  • 9-Year Surrender Charge Schedule
  • 10% Free WD Years 2+
  • Acceleration for Chronic & Terminal Illness
  • Guaranteed ROP starting in Year 5
  • 6.50% S&P 500 Cap Rate with 100% Guaranteed Participation
  • 7.50% Commission

Who are your prospects? People who:

  • Have money in a low interest account
  • Do not like current FIA caps
  • Want to leave legacy for their loved ones
  • Have sufficient retirement resources and emergency funds elsewhere
  • Want to de-risk their bond portfolio
  • Want flexibility and tax deferral
  • Want to minimize interest rate risk
  • Want to take some money off the table after the stock market run-up

To learn how to qualify for this opportunity, please call our marketing team at FHC!

Stoyan Petev | Senior Vp of Advanced Designs   636.695.2805   spetev@FIRSTHEARTLAND.COM

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