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Understanding the License Renewal Notice E-mail

Christy Gass
Licensing & Contracting

Every month, Licensing sends an e-mail to all the agents that have state licenses that will expire within the next 60 days. This notice allows for time to complete any necessary Continuing Education and to renew your license with the applicable state(s) prior to expiration. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions to help further your understanding of this process.

Q: Why did I get a license notice?
A: At the end of the month, Licensing runs a system generated report for all the agents that have a license that will expire within the next 60 days. Then the system sends an e-mail to each agent with a notice that shows all the current licenses that we have on file. Once you have renewed the applicable license(s), please e-mail or fax a copy to the Licensing Team. We will update your file to reflect the new license information and the next time the license notice is sent out the new information will be listed.

Q: Why is it so important to have my updated license on file with First Heartland Corporation?

A: Not only does Licensing have to check for a current license whenever new business is submitted, we also send out notices from the State Department of Insurance. If the state changes some of its requirements, such as needing annuity training where none was needed before, Licensing will use a report to find every agent that holds a current license with that state. The notice will only be sent to those agents with an active license. If your license information is not current in the system, you will not receive the notice when the report is generated.

Q: I renewed my license and the state sent me a link. Can't you look it up for me?
A: Unfortunately, we can’t look up everyone’s licenses every month. The license notice goes out to an average of 80-100 agents every month. Many of those agents have multiple licenses to renew. With this sheer volume, it would be very time consuming to keep the system up-to-date every month. In addition, some agents decide not to renew certain states based on their business needs. So Licensing would be trying to find a license that doesn’t exist. Therefore, we ask for your help in this matter. Once you receive a license copy for your records, please forward a copy to Licensing via e-mail or fax.

Q: I just renewed my license. Can I send you the receipt to use for updating?
A: No. The receipt doesn’t have all the necessary information that Licensing needs to update your license information. We need to see your name, the license number, line(s) of authority, effective date, expiration date, etc in order to update your information fully. The receipt of payment for license renewal does not list all these details. We need an actual license copy or the license information pulled from the state’s website with the information listed above.

Q: I already renewed a license so why did I still get a notice?
A: If you renewed the license, but did not send a copy to Licensing, your license information is out-of-date. We still have your old license information on file and you will receive the notice again. Once the expiration date has past, the license will fall off the report. The report can only pull information on current licenses that have not expired yet according to the system.

Q: I don't see all my licenses on the notice report. Why?
A: If a license was not updated when it was renewed, the license will not appear on the list. Also, if you obtained a new state license and didn’t send a copy to licensing, the new license has not been added to our system and will not appear.

Q: Can you tell me if I should renew my license?
A: Licensing cannot advise you whether you should or should not renew a license. However, we can help you understand how you will be affected if you don’t renew, such as trails and servicing ability. Each agent must make the renewal decision on his/her own, based on his/her own situation and business needs.

Q: I don't want to renew my license. What happens now?
A: You can simply let the license expire. Licensing doesn’t need to be informed of your decision. However, if the license expiration date is past the end of the month, you will receive another license notice. Since your license hasn’t expired yet, Licensing cannot remove it from your file. The system will still pull the license since it is still technically current. You can just ignore the notice when you receive it, if that license is the only one up for renewal.

Q: Some of my licenses don't show an expiration date. What does that mean?
A: Some states have perpetual licenses. This means that as long as you are in good standing with your resident state, you will keep this non-resident license without the need to renew. However, please be advised that some of these perpetual states can still require special Continuing Education or fees in order to remain active. You should check with those states’ Department of Insurance for more details.

Q: Can you send this notice to my assistant instead of me?
A: The system sends the notice to the address that is listed as preferred in every file. It cannot copy an additional e-mail or choose an e-mail that is not marked as preferred. If you wish to change the preferred address to your assistant, you will need to send a request in writing (e-mail or fax) to Licensing and we will be happy to change it for you. However, please note that all your communications will then go to the new preferred e-mail (aka your assistant), including personal, client and commission information.

Some Additional Information you need to know: 
It is the obligation of each agent to renew his/her own licenses and First Heartland Corporation is not responsible for agent license renewals and/or requirements (ie Continuing Education, fees).

This e-mail is to serve as a courtesy reminder only and is run automatically by our system.

Agents are not permitted to solicit the sale of insurance business without a valid state license.

If you have any questions regarding the renewal of a license or required Continuing Education, please visit that state’s Department of Insurance website or call the state for more information.


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