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Security Alert: Increase in E-mail Scams

The Internet Crime Compaint Center is warning of an increase in BEC/EAC (E-mail Account Compromise) scams. Although there are measures in place to help combat this, you all need to be aware and attentive to this increased effort to steal money via social engineering and other techniques. Included are links to further details regarding these scams.

Security Update: Watch out for this Malware Campaign

There is a massive malware campaign going across the country fronting as a fax from RingCentral. These are fake and the URL in the website points to a malicious script that runs exploit software against Microsoft Word. If you receive something from RingCentral, be very suspicious. Here is an example email.

It's good to be on top. Find out how PDX is crushing the competition

Do you have clients with pension plans nearing retirement? Join Stoyan and the marketing team this month for several strategies to maximize pension payouts by replacing taxable income with tax-free income while also protecting their loved ones.

Upcoming Webinars: May 2017

Looking for an opportunity to learn? Look no further. Here is a roundup of upcoming webinars - including our own FHC webinars as well as webinars put on by carriers. Topics range from marketing, training and operations to products and sales. Tune in and let us know what you learn!

Resources from the April Tech Talk: Streamline your Appointment Process

Learn about the changes, what you can do to make the necessary processes less painful, and increase efficiency to decrease the chance of delay for your licensing and appointments! Christy Gass from our Licensing department joined us to answer your questions on SureLC, requesting appointments, InStat, and more. 

Be Your Brand: Your Own Domain Name

Did you know that FHC will help you purchase a domain to go with your business? There are some good reasons to purchase a domain if you are still using a email account and company branding, having your own website, and individualized spam filter settings are only a few.

Case Study: Loan Rescue Strategy

Do you have any clients with heavily loaned-out permanent life polices sold over ten years ago, without overloan protection riders? Check out this loan rescue strategy and case study Stoyan is sharing. He explains the opportunity, which carriers in the market, and what an actual case looks like. 

What I learned from failing with marketing efforts on LinkedIn

What hasn’t worked is marketing or advertising on a cold basis through LinkedIn. Think about it: we don’t scroll through LinkedIn the way we do Facebook. If you’re going to spend marketing dollars, and I think you should, market on Facebook, not LinkedIn. You can learn from our mistakes of the past.

Treeno Confidential

We have a great digital document imaging system called Treeno. This is First Heartland’s filing program. All applications, required forms, illustrations and correspondence are entered into Treeno for each individual client. This is the most secure route to submit paperwork to our office. 

Keep the Case Moving: Medical Records

You’ve had a case that just seems to sit and sit and sit because medical records were needed from the client’s physician. A quick solution to help keep the case moving along, is when you receive the communication from the case manager at FHC, contact the client.