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More States Added: NAIC Annuity Training

Do you do sell annuities in one of the thirty-eight states that has adopted the NAIC Suitability in Annuity Transactions Model Regulation? As more states adopt this regulation, more agents must complete annuity training. Are you compliant? The Frequently Asked Questions below will help you understand the requirements.

Business Owners: You get what you give

You know a business owner. You have great rapport. You can smell the opportunity and yet… You’re haven’t managed to get to first base in terms of converting them into a client. Does this sound familiar? What could possibly be the key to converting this prospect into a client?

Product Win: SUL

Every month we plan to highlight a product or products that have helped your fellow agents win a case. This month we wanted to cover the Pacific Life Indexed Estate Preserver 2, a product that has helped an agent win multiple cases over the past month.

Tech Update: Apple Releases Security Update for iOS

Apple iOS device users (iPad, iPhone, iPod), this one is for you. There has been a flaw discovered that will let an attacker run code on your device without your consent or possibly without your knowledge. There is a patch available to fix it, so update your devices under Settings -> General -> Software Update.

How to maximize your client's pension payout

Do you have clients with pension plans nearing retirement? Join Stoyan and the marketing team this month for several strategies to maximize pension payouts by replacing taxable income with tax-free income while also protecting their loved ones.

How good is Pacific Life PDX?

We mentioned in the last month’s newsletter that Pacific Life rolled out their new IUL product designed primarily for
max-funded scenarios. Now that we have had a few days to digest it and run comparisons, the verdict is in: Pacific
Life is BACK!

A Different View of the Ever-Changing LTC Landscape

In the past few months, we have seen several changes to the traditional Long Term Care Market. In a recent article, you can read ab out these changes from the perspective of the Genworth CEO, including financial challenges for carriers and clients, and pricing changes.

April 2017 Heartland Highlights

Happy Spring! It's time to do some spring cleaning and freshen up after winter. That means taking a look at some new products (have you checked out Pacfic PDX?!), searching for opportunities in your book and taking your marketing to the next level with Real Wealth and your online presence. 

Tech Update: Aviation Phishing Scams

In this busy travel season, it doesn’t surprise me that phishing scams would also increase. Be extra careful if you are expecting something from an airline, be certain that it is what you think before clicking links. You can hold your mouse over the top of a link without clicking to see where it’s going to take you. Remain vigilant and stay safe.

Streamline your Appointment Process

Learn about the changes, what you can do to make the necessary processes less painful, and increase efficiency to decrease the chance of delay for your licensing and appointments! Christy Gass from our Licensing department will join us to answer your questions on SureLC, requesting appointments, InStat, and more. Join us!