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Security Update: Malicious e-mails becoming more common

Malicious email messages from legitimate sources that have been compromised are getting more common. They are re-using links to either legitimate or legitimate looking websites to deliver their malice. The legitimate looking ones steal your credentials you enter into them and they try to use them against you almost instantly.

Tech Update: Apple Releases Security Update for iOS

Shortly after IOS11 is released, we have our first update. Apple users of iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads, install the necessary updates on your devices if you have installed iOS11.

Study Group: The FIA Alternative Everyone is Talking About

This month on the Study Group: the FIA alternative everyone has been talking about! Stoyan reveals the turbo-charged product he referred to in his August newsletter article. If you’ve been wishing you could sell FIAs without going through the grid, this solution might be perfect for you and your clients. 

Resources from the Study Group: Introducing Cincinnati Life

Help us welcome our newest Life Insurance carrier! Drew Garvey from Cincinnati Life joined the call to introduce the carrier, sharing what sets them apart from other carriers, where there niches are, and why you should be excited about their e-ticket platform.

Tech Update: Apple Releases Security Updates

Apple users: you have updates. Pretty much everything Apple is affected including watches and AppleTVs. Update your systems accordingly.

Tech Talk: Don't Become a Victim of Cybercrime

Learn some of the most recent phishing techniques and how to spot them before you become a victim. We will cover a few different attempts that FHC users have seen first hand, as well as techniques you can employ to keep yourselves and your data safe.

Tech Update: WordPress Releases Security Update

Wordpress users, make sure your hosting providers are aware of this update. Flaws can allow attackers to take over your site. Full details linked below.

Tech Update: Urgent CCleaner Update

A legitimate version of CCleaner has been found to contain code that was effectively malware embedded in the installer of version 5.33 of the 32 bit version of ccleaner. This ccleaner was distributed between August 15 and September 12 2017. Version 5.34 is not affected.

Potential Phishing Scams Related to Equifax Data Breach

There are now suspected phishing attempts related to the Equifax breach taking place. Be advised and communicate this with your clients. Equifax will not contact you and ask to verify your information.

Information regarding the recent Equifax breach

Equifax suffered a breach of client data affecting roughly 143 million people’s information, possibly more. There is continuing news regarding the findings and I want to get some valuable and helpful information in your hands for when your clients ask.

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