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September 2017 Heartland Highlights

This month, we have bunch of excellent ideas, timely reminders and important information to help you prepare for success in the final months of 2017. Keep reading for Life Insurance Awareness Month resources, a guide to the new Customer Recommendation Form, a tip for super productive days, and much more.

Win the Day

Have you set out to increase your production for 2017 and either fallen short or found yourself not where you want to be? What are the specific goals you set and how did you measure them? Here is a simple approach I use every day to make certain I’m hitting my target activity.

Outlook 2007 Users: Time to Upgrade

Outlook 2007 users should be aware that this edition of Outlook and Office has come to end of life, meaning Microsoft will no longer provide support for these products. No support means no updates, and no updates means running software with holes in it. Luckily, there are many upgrade options.

The 5 Ps of Fixed and Fixed Indexed Annuity Processing

As I’m sure everyone is aware by now, with the DOL changes all Fixed and Fixed Indexed Annuities must flow through the broker dealer. Here are some tips to ensure your application process goes smoothly.

Why Call it Life Insurance?

Often people see life insurance as an instrument intended to deal with the death of someone. However, the product is correctly labeled ‘life’ insurance because it has more effect on the living. Depending on the product, it can serve multiple purposes - in this article we will explore a few.

Tips and Tricks from Licensing

Paperwork is tedious, time consuming and requires a lot of attention to detail. No wonder none of us like to do it. However, filling out paperwork is a necessary task in this industry. Therefore, Licensing would like to share a few tips and tricks with you that will help speed up the processing time of your paperwork.

FHC Welcomes Cincinnati Life

FHC would like to welcome Cincinnati Life Insurance Company to our solid lineup of life insurance and fixed annuity carriers. Producers who work with FHC have access to a broad portfolio of competitive products that complement and expand the complete suite of risk management solutions we already offer.

Symetra SGUL Sales Suspended: What Now?

As of the beginning of August, Symetra has suspended any new sales of their SGUL product. While that product was the best option in the industry due to very competitive premiums, there are other products out there that are great replacements. Tony shares these products with you and explains what makes them good alternatives.

Security Update: Hurricane-Related Scams

Like clockwork, the scammers appear in wake of a natural disaster. Here is some more information you and your clients can use to stay safe with information you receive and your charitable giving efforts.

Life Insurance Awareness Month

No one knows what the future holds. It gives those of us in the insurance industry the opportunity to let people know that we're in the business of helping them be prepared for the unexpected. Here are some resources from various sources to help you with your marketing and outreach efforts during Life Insurance Awareness Month.

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