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Tech Security Update: Powerpoint Malware Distribution

There is an active malware campaign utilizing .PPSX type files, which is a powerpoint slide show extension. The most common file type is .PPT which is just a powerpoint presentation.

Study Group: Introducing Cincinnati Life

Help us welcome our newest Life Insurance carrier! Drew Garvey from Cincinnati Life will join the call to introduce the carrier, sharing what sets them apart from other carriers, where there niches are, and why you should be excited about their e-ticket platform.

August 2017 Heartland Highlights

This month's issue of Heartland Highlights is ending the summer on a high note. The FHC Marketing Team shares several awesome sales ideas, Licensing helps you make your move, Abby fills you in on the new Pershing ETF, and Brandon gives you the lowdown on solid state drives. Keep reading for more!

New Business Takeaways from FHT&T 2017

Thank you for those who attended the FHT&T meeting in June! I think we had an excellent turnout. We had great staff and field participation and I hope everyone was able to take many valuable tips home with them. If you were not unable to attend, here are some of the items covered from the life side.

A Turbo-Charged FIA Alternative That Doesn't go Through the Grid

Looking for a turbo-charged FIA that doesn't go through the grid? We have the answer for you! Here's some more information from Stoyan about the product and which clients might be a good fit. Call the FHC Marketing Team to find out how to take advantage of this opportunity.

How much Life and Disability is Enough?

I recently read an article in a trade journal talking about a 33 year professional female with an annual income of $150,000. The article was looking at her future and how her income would be increasing by 3% for the next 35 years. The article told us that the Human Life Value would be between $13 and $15 million by age 70.

Help Your Clients Reach Life’s Potential

Like 80 million Americans, your clients probably need more life insurance. And even though they may have traditional investments, they may also have money on the sidelines that could be working hard to help them meet their goals.

Don’t Waiver. Earn More.

First Heartland was even invited to an industry event this year where ideas are shared and with this idea came in first place. Here is a review of this sales strategy and how it can potentially help you grow your business.

On the Move? Things to Know Before you go!

Moving can be exciting, but also requires a lot of attention to details. While you are unpacking and trying to get things setup in your new space, you should remember to notify 2 entities.

The Pros and Cons of Solid State Drives

One of the most beneficial upgrades to existing desktop and laptop computers available today is to make the leap from spinning disk hard drives to solid state drives. With a little software and a connector, you can upgrade your drive to one that doesn’t spin and is up to 100 times faster.  Here are the pros and cons.

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