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Meet the New PremierCare

Pacific Life has revised their asset based long term care product, PremierCare and they are both here!  These new revisions, PremierCare Choice 100 and PremierCare Choice MAX will offer your clients more flexibility with asset based LTC sales.  Check them both out today!

The Trade-Offs of Asset-Based Products

I have been reviewing some different plan designs, and I have a question for you: Have you taken time to review and study the moving parts and riders of the various asset-based plans? Do you know the differences in the four Asset-Based Long Term Care products offered by FHC? Here are some things to consider.

How much Life and Disability is Enough?

I recently read an article in a trade journal talking about a 33 year professional female with an annual income of $150,000. The article was looking at her future and how her income would be increasing by 3% for the next 35 years. The article told us that the Human Life Value would be between $13 and $15 million by age 70.

A simple DI Sales Idea: Are you insuring your retirement plan?

Are you insuring your clients contributions to their 401-K plan and pension plans? This is the insurance plan that will complete their retirement planning. This is the most overlooked insurance product available. It should be a mandatory item to discuss with any client under the age of 55.

A Different View of the Ever-Changing LTC Landscape

In the past few months, we have seen several changes to the traditional Long Term Care Market. In a recent article, you can read ab out these changes from the perspective of the Genworth CEO, including financial challenges for carriers and clients, and pricing changes.

Insure Your Love with the Most Overlooked Asset

I have a great sales idea for you. Does your client have a large amount of qualified funds? I am going to show you how you can use life insurance - the most overlooked asset - to solve two problems in later years of retirement: taxes and long term care.

FHC's New DI Microsite

Have you ever wished there was one place where you could find everything you need to learn about Disability
Insurance, find the right product for your clients' specific situations, and make the Income Protection sale?
Look no further!

What is your 2017 Strategy?

It is not too early to start your planning for 2017. This year has been very interesting. The DOL has been the most popular topic of discussion this past year and implementation is scheduled to occur in April next year. Do you have a plan in place?

How to Avoid a Declined LTC Case

I don't want to get into the products this month - I want to talk about how you can better qualify a client for the right long term care plan. The first two major items are the Monetary Budget for LTC and the Health Status of the client.

Which Asset-Based Product is best for your client?

What is most important to you and your clients when you're making an Asset-Based (Linked) Product Sale? The 6 key features to these products: Return of Premium, Max Monthly Benefit, Starting Death Benefit, How Claims are Paid, Residual Death Benefit, Net Cost for Plan and Compensation. 

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