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Julie's Blog

New Business Takeaways from FHT&T 2017

Thank you for those who attended the FHT&T meeting in June! I think we had an excellent turnout. We had great staff and field participation and I hope everyone was able to take many valuable tips home with them. If you were not unable to attend, here are some of the items covered from the life side.

Helpful Hints for the Sales Process

While I don't typically have much to do from the sales side of our business, I do notice things that make the sales processes go much more smoothly for your fellow advisors.

Pacific Life Update: CRL New Lab of Choice

We are excited to announce that Pacific Life has selected Clinical Reference Laboratory (CRL) as the new laboratory of choice.

New Business Updates: Forms, Underwriting and Cigar Smokers

All pages of all forms must be returned. For example, when you sell a new life application and there are two pages to an HIV form and your client only signs the one page – ALL pages must be returned for the form to be compliant. This is the same for your illustrations, the signature page alone does not suffice for carriers compliance review.