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Matthew's Blog

Win the Day

Have you set out to increase your production for 2017 and either fallen short or found yourself not where you want to be? What are the specific goals you set and how did you measure them? Here is a simple approach I use every day to make certain I’m hitting my target activity.

How one advisor made $50K in 3 months

You often hear such headlines and think what I do: What a bunch of crap. What are they selling? The answer is nothing. This advisor accomplished this in his own book of business and simply did one thing over and over at every client meeting.

What I learned from failing with marketing efforts on LinkedIn

What hasn’t worked is marketing or advertising on a cold basis through LinkedIn. Think about it: we don’t scroll through LinkedIn the way we do Facebook. If you’re going to spend marketing dollars, and I think you should, market on Facebook, not LinkedIn. You can learn from our mistakes of the past.

Would You Buy an FIA with a Zero Floor and 1.1% Spread?

Investors are more likely to reach their long-term goals if they remain invested and avoid short-term decisions that may take them off course. If you have clients who are hesitant to invest, Pacific Life's Guranteed Protection Advantage 3 Select (or GPA 3 Select) is a great alternative to a Fixed Indexed Annuity.

Introducing: Pacific Life's New IUL Product

The latest addition to Pacific Life's line of IUL products is designed for death benefit protection with competitive long-term cash value accumulation potential. It illustrates particularly well when funded with large premiums in the first 7 to 10 years, including short-pay premium scenarios and life insurance with supplemental income potential designs.

Quick Prospecting Tip: Gain Access to 1,800 Clients

Whether it's a P&C agent, credit union, or bank, the opportunity is out there! Commit yourself to one hour per week on prospecting and you will have success long-term. Here is one opportunity Matt uncovered here in St. Louis.

Quick Sales Tip: Do your clients and prospects have plans for their vacation home?

Most vacation home buyers imagine these properties staying in their families for generations - however, the reality is that vacation homes often become a source of family conflict when the owner passes away. That's where you come in. 

Grow your business with College Planning.

Join one of two upcoming conference calls to find out about Dollars and Sense, a college planning program that helps you find immediate-need prospects and long-term, multi-sale clients. They do the back office work for you and coordinate with the client; the client relationship stays with you. Keep reading to find out more.