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Meet FHC's Newest Employee: Debbie Carter

Have you gotten a chance to meet or talk to the newest member of the FHC family?  If you haven't had this opportunity to talk with Debbie Carter or want to get to know her a little better, keep reading!  We're so happy to have her!  Please join us in welcoming her to our family.

Online Access to Your Pending Cases & Carrier Appointments

While First Heartland will forever be happy to assist you via the phone or email, you have the ability to viewing your pending cases and carrier appointments instantly through InStat. Instat is our agency management system for insurance producers.

Advantages of Electronic Applications

Insurance applications can be confusing and complicated. If you miss a question, your application could be delayed. Incomplete and illegible forms cause a lot of unnecessary back-and-forth. This leads to lost sales for all. Selling this important part of a client’s financial future isn’t always easy, but it can be with E-APPS.

Just In Time Status EXPLAINED

Like many carriers, FHC licensing has adopted a “Just In Time” Policy in order to provide you with the best service. FHC licensing will process appointment requests associated with new business first and will work on requests with no new business as workflow permits. Here's what this means for you.

Streamline your Licensing Experience

Do you want your carrier appointments be processed as fast as possible? Do you want to make sure that your licensing information is always current? Read this and learn how.

Don't Leave Production Credits on the Table

Did you know? Like any other index annuity, Pacific Life Index Dimension does not need to go through the broker dealer. Place the business through First Heartland Corporation and don't miss out on production credit! 

Life Stages: Protection for Life

Life insurance is a fit for all of your clients at any age. Your clients might not yet understand how versatile life insurance can be and how it can help themselves and their loved ones regardless of their stage in life.

Opportunities on Demand

Are you curious? Is there a place that can offer insights on many of your pressing questions and a place that can improve and grow your business? Yes! Check out our webinar recordings page on FHC’s website.