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Resources from the Bonus Study Group: Top Living Benefits Products of 2017

Check out the recording from the bonus study group call where Stoyan and Steve review the Top Products of 2017. This call will focus on the top product and carriers used for living benefits.

December Tech Talk: Stop the Scheduling Madness

The back and forth on availability when trying to schedule a meeting with someone can not only be difficult, it can get aggravating. That is the last thing you want to do with a client. Thankfully, there are now better ways to handle this. Brandon examines a couple different offerings and weighs out the differences so you can choose the best solution for your business.

Resources from the Study Group: Give Your Clients the Power of Choice

Whether at the time of purchase or at that life happens moment, your client wants options - not restrictions. This new platform of four asset-based LTC products offers simple solutions to a difficult conversation, with the flexibility and choice needed to make those hard decisions.

Offering creative solutions in a commoditized life insurance world

Often as case designers we are asked to show the “best” product in reviewing life insurance options. Best is an extremely relative term and will most often vary from case to case. A spreadsheet doesn't tell the entire story and there might still be better solutions that fit with a particular client.

Don’t Waiver. Earn More.

First Heartland was even invited to an industry event this year where ideas are shared and with this idea came in first place. Here is a review of this sales strategy and how it can potentially help you grow your business.

Is Pacific Life PDX the Best in the Galaxy?

As we continue to illustrate the new Pacific Life PDX, we are builidng an image of just how competitive the product is in this space. This month, Steve recreates a Pacific Life "Galaxy Chart" to compare PDX to the competition based on our own, unbiased data. Spoiler alert: it's still impressive!

A Different Approach to Term

When the term runs out without conversion, so does the coverage. There are still protection needs that don’t go away once the kids are grown or the house is paid off. A term rider makes permanent coverage more affordable and in many cases is not much more expensive than a stand-alone term policy.

Create a Wise Plan

With CD rates being extremely low, it's a good time to show clients how to factor in the effects of taxation and inflation. Clients have options and it might be a good idea to get an idea like this in front of those individuals looking for new 5 year fixed returns.

Stand out with these Split NLG Policy Ideas

Over the last few years we have talked about some ideas around how to use some of the liquidity features embedded in today’s more modern no lapse guarantee (NLG) universal life contracts to offer clients more flexibility to deal with changing needs over time. Here is a brief explanation of a few of these ideas.

The most valuable tool you may not know about.

Did you know that First Heartland offers access to a dynamic and user-friendly wealth reporting system? Not only is this piece of technology is also a gateway to client information and reporting but it is also a gateway your clients may utilize for the same valuable information and reporting.