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Offer Your Clients the Latest Apple Watch 3 with John Hancock's Vitality Program

There has never been a way to get a discount on an Apple Watch... until now!  Tony shares the latest changes with the Vitality program that makes it easier for you to offer your clients an Apple Watch at a huge discount.  Don't miss out on the opportunity to have your clients reminded of you every day as they use their newest piece of technology.

Symetra SGUL Sales Suspended: What Now?

As of the beginning of August, Symetra has suspended any new sales of their SGUL product. While that product was the best option in the industry due to very competitive premiums, there are other products out there that are great replacements. Tony shares these products with you and explains what makes them good alternatives.

PDX vs. Whole Life

Tony is continuing the trend this month and adding another to our series of articles focused on the new Pacific Discovery Xelerator IUL. This time he will show you how this IUL can be an incredible alternative to a whole life product.

Sales Idea: What to do with a policy that has become a MEC

This month Tony is sharing an idea he recently developed for an AIN Idea Lab. This article will give you an idea of what you can do with a policy that has become a MEC unintentionally.

Product Win: SUL

Every month we plan to highlight a product or products that have helped your fellow agents win a case. This month we wanted to cover the Pacific Life Indexed Estate Preserver 2, a product that has helped an agent win multiple cases over the past month.

In case you missed it: Tony's thoughts on the top GUL, IUL and Term products in 2016

As a follow-up to our February Study Group call on the top products and carriers of 2016, Tony goes in-depth with the top GUL, IUL and Term products, sharing with you why these products and carriers made the cut and what you can expect in the coming year in those same categories.

Who to Choose for Final Expense

Lately I have heard lots of questions about final expense carriers. Everyone wants to know who to go to, how it works, and will their client even qualify. Final expense is one of the most bare bones policies you can find. It is used for exactly what it says in the name: final expenses.

New Business in the New Year with Policy Review

I know one of the biggest questions we seem to get is how and where you can look to find more business. Lately we have had a few agents find huge successes in doing one thing. One agent in particular has increased their target premium by over 50,000 in just over four months. This one new thing they begin doing is policy review.

S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting for the New Year

The theme of December is all about goals and setting yourself up for success in the new year. I thought this would be the best time to remind everyone about setting SMART goals for yourself. The SMART technique is one of the most well-known ways many industry leaders have used to create and achieve their goals.

OPTerm 25 Exchange

If you have sold any Banner term in the last 48 months, your client may be eligible for their new trade up program. Currently Banner is offering a trade up to their 25 year term product. If the client purchased a 10,15, or 20 year term within the past 48 months, they are eligible to reset their coverage and receive a new 25 year term policy.