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The Top 4 Reasons Allianz Should Be Your Go To Carrier for LIRP Scenarios

Many people today are using life insurance as a way to not only protect their family from an untimely death, but they are also using it as a way to help benefit them as well. A good IUL policy can be used to create a new stream of income in retirement in order to live more comfortably once an income from working ends.

Best of Both Worlds

Protective introduced a new product. It is still called the Protective Advantage Choice, but with new features. They eliminated their two older products: the Advantage Choice and the Custom Choice. Custom Choice is still available as a term policy, but not as a GUL. The new Advantage Choice will be a combination of their two previous products.

Transamerica Increasing Monthly Deduction Rates


If you have not heard, there is some very important news coming out that you should all be aware of. Starting on February 22, Transamerica will be raising their monthly deduction rates. This will have an effect on several universal life policies sold between 1983 and 1998. Due to the large number of policies that will see this change, Transamerica has begun sending out letters to all policy owners whose outlook could be adjusted. This will allow them time to speak to their advisor and learn what their options will be.

Term v Permanent: Is There A Crossover Age?

Do you have an older client looking for the short term protection and cheaper premium that a term policy offers, but can’t seem to find the right fit? The older the client is, the harder it becomes to find the right fit for them using term insurance. At FHC, we have found a better solution for those clients.

IRS Announces New Per Diem Limit

In 2016, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has adjusted the per diem limit, which applies to qualified long term care insurance and chronic illness riders on life insurance policies that pay on an indmenity basis.

Is Time Running Out On Your Client's FIA's?

With the new year, comes some big news that could have an effect on your FIA business. At the start of 2016, mortality table adjustments will be made to guaranteed living benefits on FIA’s. Companies such as American Equity, Great American, and North American will all be adjusting their benefits based upon these new tables at the start of next year.

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