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Julie Baalman
Life Insurance - New Business Administration
Senior Vice President of Case Management
Contact Info
Email Address:
Direct Line: (636) 695 - 2804
Extension: 1204

Julie started with First Heartland in November 1995 and worked the front desk three days a week. Following a short period, she picked up a fourth day to help in the New Business area. Eventually, Julie became full time in processing the Life New Business. She sometimes wondered why she had given up working three days a week and made it very clear, up front, that if she did not excel in the new role, that she would be happy to take her old job at the front desk back, but now almost 26 years later, she's continuing to be a force processing Life New Business. In addition to processing cases, Julie also answers agents’ questions regarding the life insurance process and works one-on-one with carriers’ underwriters and staff to resolve outstanding requirements and to push for prompt approval. She participates annually in First Heartland Technology and Training (FHT&T) to train agents’ staff to process their casework more efficiently. She is happy to assist agents and their staff individually to locate forms for their cases and explain how to view case status updates using InStat.

A word from Julie: "I have always loved my job. That is true, I really enjoy what I do. Everyday is something new, new people to work with, changes in the industry, and most importantly the many relationships I have gained over the years with people all over the United States."


Job Description:

  • Team Lead
  • Processes Life New Business, Informals, and Policy Service
  • Daily Follow-Ups
  • Communicated with reps, staff, and insurance carriers on pending cases and inforce cases
AS, Science, Lewis & Clark Community College
"Great things come from hard work and perseverance. No excuses." - Kobe Bryant