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Broker Dealer

First Heartland® is 100% privately owned by one of its two original founders.  The firm has no outside investors such as insurance companies or private equity.  This allows us to focus on making long term investments that benefit our advisers for years to come rather than focusing on meeting short term sales goals.  As a medium sized firm, we are able to get to know each advisor personally and each advisor is welcome to call and discuss anything with anyone on our team, including the Chief Compliance Officer and CEO.

Broker General Agency

First Heartland® gives personal attention to every detail of your case. Also operating as a Broker Dealer, we are uniquely qualified to look at all product types. We’re able to give you an objective opinion based on client circumstances whether fixed or variable products meet their needs and go into depth with you to evaluate pros and cons.

We customize our approach to your preferences. We can handle the complete case design for you or we can empower you with our many on-demand tools to evaluate which products are the best fit for your client.

Registered Investment Advisor

FHC® offers asset management solutions that are designed to fit around your needs, providing options and services truly tailored to your business.  First Heartland® Consultants is able to fully accommodate your specific business model.  Whether you want to charge for Financial Planning, manage your own portfolios, or outsource to 3rd party money managers, we have a solution for your business.  We handle the fee billing and back office so you focus on managing your client relationships.


We respond to the changing needs of financial professionals by providing innovative technology solutions that simplify processing and enhance client communication.